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Mae Jemison, astronaut

Incredible lady, Mae- great post & what an inspiration

The Valentina Project

Mae Jemisonsource

Mae Jemison is a physician, businesswoman, and former astronaut. As a participant of NASA’s Space Shuttle program, she became the first black woman to travel into space in 1992.

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Astronaut Visits Mpls. Students Sending Experiment To Space

Love it!

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While a lot of high school juniors and seniors are worried about finding a prom date, 13 Minnehaha Academy students are on a different mission: Sending a NASA-approved experiment to space.

“What high school student gets to send an experiment to outer space?” Minnehaha Academy senior Viola Holman said.

They’re part of the International Space Station Team of Students and have been working all year on a project, which they will send to NASA to launch into space.

“We’re testing the impact of microgravity on fluid flow,” senior Eathan Wagner said. “It’ll be exciting to see the data results.”

The experiment is called the “Coalescence of Water-Based Latex Polymers,” which, simply put, is testing how paint dries on the International Space Station compared to Earth. Visit NASA’s website for more detail on the experiment.

On Tuesday, they got the help of an astronaut.

“It’s pretty amazing to…

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